E-commerce. E-mail. E-book. Most electronic versions of things with real-world equivalents still get an e in front to distinguish them. But not newsletters.

E-mail newsletters have become pretty much the only newsletters, and that’s no surprise. As content marketers, we love them, but that’s a story for another day.

As readers, we love them even more. A good newsletter is the alternative to eight hours of scrolling.

Here are the ones currently brightening our inboxes with news, views, reviews and previews – and sometimes just a good dollop of cheer.


First up is WeTransfer’s WePresent for being nominated by more than one member of the 2Stories team.

“I’m a huge admirer of all things WeTransfer creates. WePresent started out as a print magazine and their take on what a digital magazine can be is beautiful and inspiring, and the newsletters are always a pleasure to dive into.” – Lucia Viglietti, Creative Director

The Weekly Journal of Creative Leadership

It makes sense that the co-founder of 2Stories would have The Weekly Journal of Creative Leadership on her list alongside WePresent.

“The Tuesday-morning missive of writer and managing director of Tank. Strategy & Transformation Consultancy, Jim Antonopoulos, takes my breath away regularly. It’s not just because his writing is beautiful (I’m a words person first and foremost), but because his focus on purpose-driven leadership and cultures of innovation is incredibly inspiring. I want to be him when I grow up!” – Anelde Greeff, CEO and Co-founder

The Memo by Howard Marks

It may surprise you to see The Memo by Howard Marks on this list, but our team ranges from social media creators who know their tik from their tok to experienced writers with serious finance and economics chops – and we like it that way.

“Howard Marks is a renowned investor who explores complex and simple themes in colour and with intuition. His monthly memo will click with anyone who spends time thinking about markets and economics.” – Ian Macleod, Content Editor

Common Sense Media

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a newsletter that made it easy to decide which movie or series is “safe” for your little one? Well, Common Sense Media does just that.

“It makes recommendations of apps, games, books, YouTube channels, movies and TV shows suitable for your child’s age group. As the mother of a three-year-old and a six-year-old, it makes my day a lot easier.” – Linda Mzamane, Group Editor

Sounds Profitable

Podcasts are BIG and they’re taking off in South Africa too. The number of podcast listeners grew by 150% in 2023 compared to 2022. That’s why 2Stories has a podcast department.

Sounds Profitable is all about the world of audio branding with trends, interesting stats, lessons from successful podcasters as well as ‘behind-the-mike’ deep dives for producers. The newsletter is also available as a podcast :)” – Carol Williams, Head of Audio

The Accidentally Wes Anderson Bulletin

What started as an Instagram page is now an online community with more than a million members that seek and share beautiful, quirky and interesting places and destinations.

The Bulletin isn’t sent out that often but it’s always worth a read when it does arrive. Each issue transports me to unique locations around the globe, celebrating the beauty of symmetry, pastel hues and quirky architecture. It’s a delightful escape into a world where every corner has a story waiting to be discovered.” – Celeste Jacobs, Editor

The Daily Brew

News from around the world with a side of wit? Sign us up. In fact, that’s what many of us have done (years ago) with The Morning Brew.

“It gives me the highlights package of news around the world and the writing is really accessible and funny. I open it every day without fail.” – Linda Scarborough, Creative Producer and Writer